“Christ, I love The Aces.”  (Portland Mercury)

The Aces (Michael Fetters & Shelley McLendon) had their first show in 2011. Brand new show coming in February, 2018. Stay tuned…Michael Fetters Shelley McLendon Michael Fetters Shelley McLendon

Michael Fetters Shelley McLendon AcesMichael Fetters Shelley McLendon








Michael Fetters Shelley McLendon












The Aces were THRILLED to be included in both  Portland Mercury’s Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy show back in Fall 2017 &  2016! Thank you Portland Mercury!

Michael Fetters Shelley McLendon Aces









Hear an Aces audience fave sketch (as well as an interview with The Aces’ Shelley McLendon )on OPB’s State of Wonder HERE

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Thank you to everyone who came out to see The Aces’ show based entirely on animals! It was a blast! More to come…

animal kingdom social


Aces National Forest has ended. Thank you to our amazing audiences!


Portland Monthly dubs The Aces as one of the “stars of Portland’s comedy revolution.”

Read all about National Forest in a great interview with Portland Mercury HERE

“Where would we be without local sketch comedy treasures the Aces, AKA Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters? I DON’T WANT TO KNOW.”– Portland Mercury

“The Aces are Portland’s version of Arrested Development.”  B. Frayn Masters, Producer of BackFence PDX

“… as drawn from modern dance as traditional sketch comedy, the duo engages their human-and-otherwise characters with an all-in physicality …” -Willamette Week

“CHRIST, I love The Aces.” –  Portland Mercury



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